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Web Consulting Offer – 2022

Create & Host Your Website (£1,750)

We will (help you) register your desired domain name(s), host your website, configure SSL Certificates and maintain it there-after. We will provide you with either access to C-Panel or WordPress within 24 hours of signing our agreement. The best option for you may depend on your skill level, or your desire to simplify the process so you can focus on other areas of your business. Our aim is to create, maintain and coach you to success, which often depends on how mature your business is.

There are 3 areas of importance for a website in our view. This includes:

Domain Names (your .com,, .co & more)
The costs for registering a new domain name may vary. It often costs around £10 for the first year and is similar for the following years. Our aim is not to make profit in this area. We’ll ask you to search for your domain name and you’ll see all actual costs for yourself. If you choose a domain name that costs more than the average cost (£10) we will add this to this promotional fee.

All we need your ideal domain name(s) registered to get you up and running. Choose your, or some fancy alt extension like Sometimes it takes a bit of reinventing when your ideal choice has already been taken, or it’s perhaps too expensive to buy. When you have your domain name confirmed, we will have your hosting sorted within 24 hours with logins sent your way. Our hosting fee is stated separately within the invoice we send you – this fee is subject to increase if your website gains more than 100k users per month.

Our basic maintenance option is included if you choose us to create and host your websites with us. We prioritise securing your website, ensuring that’s the case all year round, and also that you have no blockers on your journey when developing new content.