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Web Maintenance Options

We can do monthly, quarterly or annual plans. Whichever you prefer. The prices quoted below are estimates and are very much based on your requirements. Every one of our customers are at a different stage of their journey. We like to tailor our support plan entirely to your specific needs.

Our communication methods are also flexible. If you want us to email you with our updates, or have monthly calls, it’s all agreed when we touch base. We are happy with the agreement if you are in the end.

Our fees are based per website. If you have multiple websites maintained by us the cost will immediately be reduced.

Option 1

~£35 p/m (£420 annual)

Secure Maintenance

We want to take care of your website by helping keep your website up to date and secure. This includes:

  • Perform CMS & Plugin updates.
  • Help source & configure SSL Certificates.
  • Add Security Plugins to your website.
  • Ensure and/or create regular Backups of your website happen.
  • Give you general guidance on any front-end bugs, SEO or website performance issues we observe on your website.
  • We observe our customer websites and like to share any observations or suggestions we might think of.

Option 2

~£90 p/m (£1,080 annual)

Performant Maintenance

We give you all everything within the Secure Maintenance Option and we have more of a focus on optimizing your performance and UI. Includes the following:

  • Fix and / or advise on bugs.
  • Advise of missed SEO opportunities and guide you on where to improve.
  • Help create & configure affiliate links.
  • Help create & link Social Media accounts to your website.
  • Migrate your website to another hosting provider.
  • Offer guidance on next steps for improving your web space.

Option 3

~ Negotiable*

Optimise & Grow

Options 1 & 2, plus we actively help improve your SEO, turning our attention more towards growing your website and business.

  • Help create a plan for the year(s) ahead for growing your website in line with your business trajectory and goals.
  • Create & write new blog posts and content, or help outsource content writers.
  • Configure ads on your website.
  • Redesign or amend your website theme.
  • Create or help outsource a company logo.
  • Consultations, free slots where we can triage or discuss anything of your choice, or use it for training sessions.

*Prices quoted are estimated and are tailored to fit each of our customer’s needs.*

Please Contact Us now stating your desired Maintenance Option if you think we might be the website maintainer for you!