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Welcome to AyePaddy!

What We Do.

We are a Web Management Team who maintain and/or help grow your website, with various support options that are completely tailored to your needs. We also offer consultancy & general guidance depending on the desired long-term goal of your business.

What ever you might need in the world of website management, we are here to help. You can reach out to use for a free consultation – it won’t be a sales pitch by us and there are no obligations! We really just want to touch base with you, chat about what your needs and if it’s a good fit for us both to work together.

Why Choose Us?

Why have us maintain your website?

We offer various maintenance and consultation options which are entirely base on the current needs of your business and website(s).

Websites require plugins and regular updates to keep secure, which is one of offerings within our Standard Maintenance Plan. We can automate this on your website as one of our initial tasks, and then spend our time focusing on other areas. Whether that’s looking at your website checking for bugs / ideas, or sending you emails with technical guides. We just want to help… Our ambition is to provide a worthy service for an agreed negotiated monthly/annual rate (or one off fee).

But really, why us?

We care about your journey and our overall aim is to help you get to your next checkpoint quicker.

Some of our clients have a long term goal to take ownership of their website fixing their own issues and improving SEO. We focus on the guiding experience during these consultation sessions. And for our other clients, we can create new websites, maintain them and follow it up with emails – any questions would be answered of course if there are any.

Contact us about anything!

There’s no obligations and it’s free to contact us!

We are technical enthusiasts at heart who enjoy getting to know the every day problems. If we see common problems come our way, we aim to create guides in our Blog which will help others who face the same issues too.

Our Maintenance Options

Option 1

£3 ~ £9 p/m

Secure Maintenance

We want to take care of your website by helping keep your website up to date and secure. This includes:

  • CMS & Plugin updates.
  • Add Security Plugins to your website.
  • Add / or ensure regular Backups of your website happen.
  • Give you general guidance on any front-end bugs, SEO or website performance issues we observe on your website.
  • We observe our customer websites and like to share any observations or suggestions we might think of.

Option 2

£10 ~ £35 p/m

Performant Maintenance

We give you all everything within the Secure Maintenance Option and we have more of a focus on optimizing your performance and UI. Includes the following:

  • Configure SSL Certificates.
  • Fix and / or advise on bugs.
  • Advise of missed SEO opportunities and guide you on where to improve.
  • Help create & link Social Media accounts to your website.
  • Migrate your website to another hosting provider.
  • Offer guidance on next steps for improving your web space.

Option 3

~ Negotiable*

Optimise & Grow

Options 1 & 2, plus we actively help improve your SEO, turning more of our focus towards growing your website and business.

  • Help create a plan for the year(s) ahead for growing your website in line with your business trajectory and goals.
  • Create & write new blog posts and content, or help outsource content writers.
  • Redesign or amend your website theme.
  • Create or help outsource a company logo.
  • Consultations, free slots where we can triage or discuss anything of your choice.

Prices shown can vary as each of our customers needs differ. Our fee is per website, so if you have several or small websites we may offer a reduced monthly fee or annually (if desired).
*Negotiable rate to be discussed during project initiation. We can provide estimates for more regular pieces of work upon request.


Consultations come in all forms. Some examples include:

  • Create a new website (with post build maintenance options).
  • Help optimize SEO and grow your web space.
  • Give general guidance and team up to come up with a plan for your next steps to success.
  • Fix a one off issue or a list of issues on your website.
  • Have us look at your website and report on missed SEO opportunities or issues we see.
  • Training, have us teach you to manage your own website.