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AyePaddy Web Consulting & Coaching Options

This is a post to officially annouce our web consultation and coaching options, which includes a large variety of tasks (see list below). We really want to challenge ourselves and help your business succeed at the same time. If you succeed, we do too in the end!

Examples of our consulting options include the following:

# Create and host custom website (with or without a shop, local business setup and / or customer login areas)
# Ad hoc SEO Optimisation, grow your Organic Traffic
# Website Migration (move from one host provider to another)
# Apply a SSL Certificate to a Website
# Fix an issue you are facing, one off task billed per quoted task milestone or hourly
# Training (WordPress, C-Panel, WHM, SEO & General Guidance)
# In-and-out Spy (a special operation on your web-space)
# Content Writing – Technical & General Life Topics

We would love to hear from you even if we haven’t mentioned your desired request in the list above. Even if it’s a random question please feel free to send us a message. We what’s lower priority and will try respond according to our own target SLA’s. If we cannot deliver on a request, we will let you know straight up. We have declined requests in the past for a few reasons, but we of course aspire to gain you as a customer!


We want your heart to be in any longer-term journey if we choose to work together. There are a lot of tasks where we can only get you so far in your journey. The only way to achieve success on any project is to reiterate, consistently, for a long period of time. It is the only way to succeed on the web, and Organic (SEO targetting) is the best route to gain sustainable web traffic.

Please get in touch for a cost estimate on your request, or to submit your random question.
We have set fees for more common requests (e.g. Website Creation / Content Writing / Coaching Hours), which you may contact us for at any time.


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