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Welcome to AyePaddy

What We Do

We are a Web Management Team who want to create, host, maintain and/or help grow your website, with various support options that are entirely tailored to your needs. We also offer consulting packages which may include training, depending on your experience level and/or the desired long-term goal of your business.

Whatever you might need in the world of website management, we want to be here for you.

The web services we offer include:
Create a New Website
Maintain an Existing Website
Consulting & Coaching

We can help you with the following along the way:
– Secure your website & perform any desired changes (e.g. resolve bugs).
– Create a logo and/or update your website front-end design.
– Content Writing (we’re best suited for technical & general topics).
– Digital Marketing, helping you utilise all niche-relevant Social Media platforms.
– Website Migration, moving your existing website from one host provider to another.
– General training consultations, or priced within our high-tier Maintenance Plan. We offer training on growing a WordPress website, C-Panel, WHM, SEO strategies and more.

We’ll never give a sales pitch, there’s no pressure or obligations when working with us. We want to sync up with you and chat about your needs, and if it’s a good fit we get to work!

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Please feel free to Contact Us for a free consultation if you are in need of support in the web space.


Our Services

Why Choose Us?


Why have us maintain your website?

We offer various maintenance and consultation options which are entirely based on the current needs of your business and website(s).

Websites require plugins and regular updates to keep secure, which is one of the offerings within our Standard Maintenance Plan. We can automate this on your website as one of our initial tasks, and then spend our time focusing on other areas. Whether that’s looking at your website checking for bugs/ideas, or sending you emails with technical guides. We just want to help. Our ambition is to provide a worthy service for an agreed negotiated monthly/annual rate (or one-off fee).


But really, why us?

We care about your journey and our overall aim is to help you get to your next checkpoint quicker.

Some of our clients have a long-term goal to take ownership of their website fix their own issues and improve SEO. We focus on the guiding experience during these consultation sessions. And for our other clients, we can create new websites, maintain them and follow them up with emails – any questions would be answered of course if there are any.


Contact us about anything!

There are no obligations and it’s free to contact us!

We are technology enthusiasts at heart who enjoy getting to know everyday problems. If we see common problems come our way, we aim to create guides in our Blog that will help others who face the same issues.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of our service offerings above, are in need of urgent support, or even if you have a random question to ask, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

We at AyePaddy aspire to be as straightforward and as open as possible. We won’t be afraid to say if we don’t know the answer to your question. In these cases, we may ask to take the question away for further investigation or ask our contacts for help. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way whatever the situation.